Executive Team

Our leadership extends around the region with a broad range of real estate expertise and experience.

Robert Blain Executive Chairman, Asia Pacific
Sothida An​n Associate Director, Cambodia*
Christopher Boyd Executive Ch​​airman, Malaysia*
Chris Brooke Executive Managing Director, CBRE Consulting, Asia Pacific
Henry Chin Head of CBRE Research, Asia Pacific
Lisa Cooper​ Regional Director, Human Resourc​es, Asia Pacific
Sam Cuccurullo Executive Managing Director, Asset Services, Asia Pacific
Ben Duncan President & CEO, Japan
Pauline Goh CEO, South East Asia
Steve Y.K. Kim Managing Director, Korea
Joseph Lin Managing Director, Taiwan
Alex Lowth Chief Administrative & Financial Officer, Asia Pacific
Anshuman Magazine Chairman & Managing Director, India
Ivan Poon President, China
Danny Queenan Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific
Phil Rowland Executive Managing Director, Global Corporate Services, Asia Pacific
Rick Santos Chairman & General Manager, Philippines*
Willy Shee Chairman, Asia
Craig Shute​ Senior Managing Director, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan
David Simister Chairman, Thailand
Tom Southern President & CEO, Australia & New Zealand
Tom Edwards Executive Managing Director, Valuation & Advisory Services, Asia Pacific
Marc Townsend Managing Director, Vietnam
Sophia P.K. Yap Deputy Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Global

*Part of the CBRE affiliate network​