Winston Shih

Director, Valuation & Advisory Services, Taiwan

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Professional Experience

Mr. Shih is currently Director of CBRE (Taiwan) Valuation & Advisory Services. He has over 10 years’ experience in real estate valuation and consulting field. He is mainly responsible for real estate valuation reports, vetting and team management.

In addition to general real estate valuation, Mr. Shih specializes in valuation and advisory cases with higher complexity, such as real estate investment development, urban renewal, real estate securitization, land rezoning development, court litigation, overseas real estate valuation and review. Mr. Shih can provide clients with the highest quality valuation and consulting services in a fair, objective and market-oriented manner.

Mr. Shih responsible for " Program of Marketing Value for Industrial Land" commissioned by Industrial Development Bureau from 2010 to 2013 providing bidding procedure and the base price. Valuation Reports for the insurance companies and the listed company to obtain or dispose. Lecturer in the university and the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance.