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Your location has strategic importance and significant implications for operational success. Our experts deliver customized, creative outcomes for organizations—the kind of positive returns that only a well-developed location strategy can provide. We help you determine essential locations using transparent and predictive data analytics that deliver competitive advantage and maximize operational savings and incentives.

We use proprietary technology to help our clients evaluate critical location decisions.

Key Services

  • Labor Analytics

    Joins proprietary analytics with extensive, future-proofing analysis and real-time primary market-focused research to inform strategic site selection and location choices to enable positioning as an employer of choice.

  • Location Incentives

    Our team of experts help you make more informed site selection decisions and reduce the costs associated with company expansions, consolidations, or relocations by negotiating and securing economic incentives.

  • Supply Chain Advisory

    Our broad network and infrastructure footprint support you in determining the most effective supply chain strategy to meet current and future operational needs.

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